o u r  s t u d i o

Formerly known as Roy Banse Design, we have recently rebranded as Fluid Living Studio to better reflect a team of like-minded people sharing in the same design philosophy.

Fluid Living Studio is about shape: the linear simplicity of a clean lined kitchen design or the swooping lines of a classic lounge chair.  It’s about texture; texture that makes you want to reach out and touch.  It’s about items that we enjoy coveting or proudly want to display in a room.  It’s about coming home to a solace that is not necessarily an escape, but an environment where you want to relax in, entertain in and share with friends.  It’s that excited feeling you get when you’ve made a discovery that is truly worth celebrating.  Fluid Living Studio is about a sensory experience where emotions are triggered that we want to live over and over again.

With a keen sense of defining space and an acute eye for design detail, our work is timeless and durable, transcending ongoing style trends. We are insanely passionate about fine materials and craftsmanship and we aim to share this passion with every client we work with.  Our fluid sense of style is reflected in our design sensibility, creating modern environments that are meant to effortlessly dovetail with client’s daily lives.  


Providing architectural and interior design services coupled with project management services, our goal is to keep the renovation process as seamless as possible. Our experience in construction provides us with the added expertise that can streamline the execution process through our dedicated stable of professional trades and suppliers.

We want to make sure that we exceed your expectations and that your design or building experience with us is a rewarding one. Every new client is treated in the same way; with an individual approach, seeking to understand the unique goals a client hopes to achieve by applying a strong design component to their project. A strong commitment to understanding these goals ensures the professional delivery of exciting, high quality projects, regardless of scale.